About Us


Exhibition Bank provides global companies with the ideal platform to showcase their products and services, network with potential clients and meet with global industry giants. By working with us you will also have the opportunity to reach the untapped and lucrative markets of the Europe & Russia, USA, Iran & CIS countries and the Indian Subcontinent.

Exhibition Bank services for exhibitors:

  1. Coordination before, during and after the Exhibitions.
  2. Registration, both advance and on-site, including acknowledgements.
  3. Hotel / venue site selection and contract negotiations
  4. Design & Construction of booths
  5. Media advertisement for the event (Print / Electronic Media)
  6. Different kinds of P.R. materials
  7. Air and ground transportation negotiations & arrangements
  8. Food & beverage arrangements
  9. Marketing, including program design, distribution and implementation
  10. Tour management
  11. Program development, speaker selection / contracting, program evaluation


Exhibition Bank is a leading exhibition and conference organizer based in Greece 

Established since 2003, it has now business operations in many countries:

European countries, Middle East, IRAN, India etc

Contact Info: EU +302310439951, -30 6975 590540

E-mail: abbasi@otenet.gr or info@exhibitionbank.com

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